How to Clean a Tomato Sauce Stain on Carpet

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To Clean a Tomato Sauce Stain on Carpet:


1 . Remove as much of the tomato sauce from the carpet as can be with a spoon . You should never press the stain in further .

2 . Vacuum the remaining of the sauce which you were not able to scoop up with the spoon .

3 . Leave an absorbent towel over the stain and try to soak the sauce up further if possible.

4 . Spray cold water onto the stain to rinse and blot with a cloth .

5 . Spray or pour white vinegar directly onto the stain . Allow it soak for 20 minutes .

6 . Rinse the vinegar with cold water and blot dry .

7 . In case the mark persists , try club soda to remove the stain as well .

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