How to Clean Red Wine off Carpet

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To Clean Red Wine off Carpet:


1. Spray dawn and hydrogen peroxide blend on the discolor .

2. Blot with a nice and clean dry material until zero discolor appears on the material . You have to switch the material frequently or utilize a clean area of the cloth every time when you are blotting to make sure you are not expanding the discolor .

3. Go over steps two and three until the discolor is not visible .

4. Mix 4 drops of cleaning soap and 1 cup of water . Spray it .

5. Blot with duster material.

6. Spray with water .

7. Blot with duster material . Do it again when needed to make sure all cleaning mixture is taken away .

8. Protect discolor with duster material or bunch of kitchen paper towels and then place weighty weight on the top .

9. Keep placed for hours to soak up any residual fluid .

10. Allow location dry completely .

11. Vac to bring back materials to regular finish .

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